• SINGAPORE 6.2.19: SINAPSE announces the registration of a new N-of-1 interventional human study on multitasking training ( NCT03832101; PI: Dr. Christopher Asplund). The study estimates the enrollment of up to 100 subjects. More information on can be found here.

  • SINGAPORE 10.1.19: SINAPSE Investigator Dr. Thomas Yeo publishes Science Advances article demonstrating the application of machine learning and fMRI to uncover novel insights into the cellular architecture of the human brain. This discovery may greatly impact the development of important new therapies and assessment modalities for neurological disorders. The paper can be found here.

    Read the NUS press release.

  • SINGAPORE 1.1.19: SINAPSE Director, Professor Dean Ho, has been elected to the US National Academy of Inventors (NAI). Election to the NAI is the highest professional accolade that is bestowed to academic inventors. Prof. Ho is the first NUS faculty member to be elected to the NAI. The press release can be found here.

Prof. Dean Ho, Provost’s Chair Professor and Director, SINAPSE (Image courtesy of the National University of Singapore).

Prof. Dean Ho, Provost’s Chair Professor and Director, SINAPSE (Image courtesy of the National University of Singapore).


  • SINGAPORE 29.11.18: Based upon a collaboration with NCIS Director, Prof. Wee Joo Chng, Sanjay de Mel of NUH/NCIS and Prof. Dean Ho, SINAPSE announces registration of new interventional clinical study (NCT Phase 2/3-equivalent) pertaining to CURATE.AI-optimised multiple myeloma combination therapy. This prospective study will be conducted in collaboration with National University Hospital (NUH) and National University Cancer Institute (NCIS). More information can be found at: NCT03759093

  • SINGAPORE 1.11.18: SINAPSE congratulates Theodore Kee, Head of Clinical Studies, for receiving a Tony B Travel Award to attend the 2019 Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) conference in Washington, D.C. This 6,000+ attendee meeting features the latest innovation in drug development and screening at the interface of industry and academic/government research. The meeting is attended by the world’s largest pharmaceutical and medtech companies as well as leading luminaries. Theodore is among the few international award recipients. SINAPSE thanks the Society for Laboratory Automation. Read the news release here

  • SINGAPORE 25.10.18: SINAPSE investigators receive approval to commence N-of-1 clinical study for gastric cancer (info).

  • SINGAPORE 8.10.18: Dr. Thomas Yeo receives the Singapore Neuroscience Association Young Neuroscientist Award. Read the news story from NUS Engineering here.

  • SINGAPORE 31.8.18: Work from Prof. Dean Ho’s N.1 Labs team is featured on the cover of Advanced Therapeutics and covered in over 50 international news outlets. The NUS news release can be found here. Read the article.

  • SINGAPORE 8.8.18: Prof. Dean Ho’s team publishes article in Science Translational Medicine with Prof. Wee Joo Chng (NCIS/NUH and CSI Singapore) and Dr. Edward Chow (CSI Singapore) using AI to identify and optimise patient-specific, novel drug combinations for multiple myeloma. Read the article.

    Read the NUS press release.

  • SINGAPORE 1.8.18: Dr. Raghav Sundar receives the National Medical Research Council Research PhD Fellowship.

  • SINGAPORE 25.6.18: Dr. Hongliang Ren wins 2018 Interstellar Initiative Award, by Japan Agency for Medical R&D and New York Academy of Sciences.

  • SINGAPORE 4.6.18: Hongliang Ren wins 2018 Early Career Award from IFMBE/IAMBE (only 3 awardees internationally, each with 5000$ & an invited talk at IFMBE/IAMBE/IUPESM).

  • SINGAPORE 1.1.18: A/Prof. Mehul Motani is named a Fellow of IEEE.